Why do i have to confirm my email address?
In order to keep our site and your information secure users are asked to confirm they are using an email address that is their own.

I did not receive the email after entering my email address, what do i do?
Check your spam folder, if you are using G-mail, check your Social and Promotions folder.
If you still have not received an email try re-entering your email here

I have tried all the above and still have not received an email.
Please contact us at and someone will help you with your issue within 24 hours.

I am already a member of the fan club why do i have to register?
In order to gain access to The Steve Harvey Nation your account must be updated with a email and password combination. It also gives you a chance to update your information.

I forgot my password how do i reset it?
To retrieve your forgotten password go to, enter your email address and when prompted click the forgot password link. An email will be sent to you with a link allowing you to reset your password.

I no longer have access to my email address, how do i update my email address?
For security reasons please enter a current email address and create a new account.

I joined The Steve Harvey Nation and registered for a promotion how do i know if i won?
Winners are usually notified by phone, email and or mail. Sometimes winners are also announced during The Steve Harvey Morning Show 6AM - 10AM EST Monday - Friday.

How is The Steve Harvey Nation different from The Steve Harvey Morning Show Fan Club?
By allowing users to enter a "fan club only enviroment" The Steve Harvey Nation can offer users exclusive content, amazing promotions and prizes that were previously not available. You will still enjoy the previous benefits that The Steve Harvey Fan Club offered including the weekly Newsletter, and a first chance at purchasing Neighborhood Awards tickets.

I joined The Steve Harvey Nation, am i automatically entered into the contest?
Joining The Steve Harvey Nation will only give you access to enter a contest, users must agree to the terms and conditions of a contest in order to be eligible to win.

I don't want to join The Steve Harvey Nation, will i still receive the weekly Newsletter?
At this time all previous Fan Club Members will continue to receive the weekly Newsletter.